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“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer”

Youth politics, to us, is the way of the future. We seek to engage the next generation of voters by mobilizing young people to participate in the fight for our democracy.

For millions of young progressive Americans, the current polarized political climate is both frightening and overwhelming. While many feel passionate about current events, most are unsure about how to act. Understandably, many young people do not believe that their voices matter politically.

Over the last decade, millennial voters have consistently voted less than older voters; in 2012, only 46% of eligible millennials voted in the presidential election, whereas over 60% of members of the Gen X, Boomer, and Greatest generations participated.

“In the last election, [millenials] had the lowest voter turnout of any age group.”
-Asma Khalid, NPR

We intend to change this dynamic. We know that young people can make a difference. Forty-six million young voters are eligible to vote compared with 39 million seniors. Looking towards the 2018 midterm elections, it is imperative that this group be engaged, informed, and inspired to act. In our opinions, if young people are involved in political related activities and discussion beginning now, they will be much more likely to vote.

Each week, our team of writers will post a new topic. We will provide a summary, a relevant video or article, and three political figures you can contact. We will include relevant information (who each person is, their contact information, and how they relate to the issue at hand).

We hope that no matter what your opinion on the topic at hand, you will make your opinion heard by writing a postcard to one of the suggested persons. We want to make youth politics mainstream. If you make a postcard, share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and we might feature you on our website!