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Women’s Rights Actions

Action 1:
Write any elected representative (State legislator, US Senator, US Representative) and urge him or her to consider intersectionality when acting or speaking on women’s rights.Example letter:

Dear ____,
My name is ______, and I am from _______. I recently studied intersectionality in the women’s rights movement and hope that you will consider this perspective when looking to advance gender equity. For example, it concerns me that we use “71 cents to the white man’s dollar” to advocate for income inequality when this figure is much lower for women of color. I believe that race is an important factor in the fight for gender equality and that we must seek to make this a more inclusive conversation that respects the reality that all women experience discrimination differently. I urge you to pursue this topic further and to educate others on the importance of intersectionality.
_____ (on behalf of Youth Write Now)

2. Take the time to REFLECT on your own personal definitions of gender equity. What do you see as progress? How can you expand your definition of the women’s rights movement to be more inclusive? Bring this topic up with friends and share your thoughts with us via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or comments through this site.

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