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Bear Ears – Actions

Action 1:

Write Shaun Chapoose, a member of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee, who protested a Utah Bill which would codify the shrinking of the monument. Thank Mr. Chapoose for his courage in defending this land. (Read more here:


Sample letter:


Shaun Chapoose

55 E 100 N Suite 105

Logan, UT 84321


Dear Mr. Chapoose,

I recently read about your testimony concerning Bears Ears, and I wanted to express my gratitude for your fearless defense of preservation. I’m sure the task of fighting for this land is not easy, especially in this political climate, and so I could not be more appreciative and inspired by your mission. I, too, am concerned that, as you explained, “no one from Tribes making up the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, and no one from any federally recognized Tribe was contacted to advise, consult, or assist in the development of [the bills concerning the monument].” Thank you, and best of luck.


_______ (On behalf of Youth Write Now)



Action 2: Write to the Interior Secretary – Ryan Zinke – who initially recommended that Bears Ears be reduced.


Example letter:


Dear Interior Secretary Zinke,

The cover page of the the U.S. Department of the Interior boasts your quote, “Without question, our public lands are America’s treasure.” It is because of this value that I write in concern for our country’s national monuments. As a high schooler from _________, I could not be more disappointed by your recommendations to shrink monuments across the country (including Bears Ears). Not only do I believe it is our duty to defend and respect the indigenous people who have inhabited the land since long before our Founding Fathers set foot in America, but I feel strongly that the recent decisions of the Administration concerning national monuments are detrimental to the environment. If you truly believe that this land must be treasured so that it may be enjoyed by generations to come, I implore you to take more care to preserve the public lands.


________ (On behalf of Youth Write Now)



Action 3:

Take action via Patagonia:

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